Hi! I am Salony Kapoor, writer and photographer of this website. I have just started blogging. I got married an year ago and moved to Pune with my husband. I used to work as a leather goods designer and merchandiser specialised in footwear. But i had to leave my job after marriage for some reasons. Since we (me and my husband) stay alone in Pune, i have to cook all our meals. I have always been very fond of eating but was never fond of cooking. Before marriage i never used to cook nor help my mother in the kitchen but on some days i used to go in the kitchen to get a sneak peak of how the dish is being prepared or taste the dish. My mother is a real good cook and all my recipes, tips and tricks come from her.

So basically i started cooking after marriage and my kitchen became my small world. But i started enjoying cooking more because of my husband. He loves cooking and experimenting with the dishes. He is the one because of whom i have started this blog. He insisted me to start a blog to make the best use of my time,my skills and make a record of my recipes. We both work on this blog as i look after the cooking, experimenting , photography, editing and writing part and he on the other hand being a software engineer looks after the technical part.

I click pictures from my Dslr camera Canon 550D with 18-135mm lens. I have to work a lot on my photography skills along with cooking. Besides cooking i love sketching, travelling, shopping, watching movies, listening to music.

Comments and feedbacks are precious to me. Do try my recipes and let me know how you find it and whether i deserve an appreciation. Since i have just started blogging i will be uploading a lot more recipes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and even you can contribute your recipes too. You can email me at salony[at]salonyscookbook.com.

Also you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Keep cooking, loving and revisiting. 🙂